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2009-12-09 Matthijs KooijmanFix the headers on the conclusion and references list. final-thesis
2009-12-09 Matthijs KooijmanActually include the acknowledgements.
2009-12-09 Matthijs KooijmanDo not put the frontmatter titles into the header area.
2009-12-08 Matthijs KooijmanAdd abstract.
2009-12-08 Matthijs KooijmanSuppres headers on the final (empty) page.
2009-12-07 Matthijs KooijmanRestart numbering of footnotes on every page.
2009-12-07 Matthijs KooijmanFix some more header stuff.
2009-12-07 Matthijs KooijmanFix the font of footnotes.
2009-12-07 Matthijs KooijmanSet up headers, footers and page numbers.
2009-12-07 Matthijs KooijmanImprove the titlepage.
2009-12-07 Matthijs KooijmanRemove TODO.
2009-12-07 Matthijs KooijmanSay something about not using simplified core.
2009-12-07 Matthijs KooijmanSet up doublesided margins and pagenumbering.
2009-12-05 Matthijs KooijmanAdd backmatter commands.
2009-12-05 Matthijs KooijmanMake sure the list of references is numbered.
2009-12-05 Matthijs KooijmanFix todo's in the introduction chapter.
2009-12-04 Matthijs KooijmanSetup bibtex.
2009-12-03 Matthijs KooijmanAdd initial sketch for conclusions.
2009-11-30 Matthijs KooijmanAdd vim modelines.
2009-11-19 Matthijs KooijmanAdd (commented) lines for 2-up printing.
2009-11-19 Matthijs KooijmanEnable the fixme module.
2009-11-12 Matthijs KooijmanUpdate title.
2009-10-23 Matthijs KooijmanAdd a Context chapter.
2009-10-21 Matthijs KooijmanActually compile the Future work chapter.
2009-10-20 Matthijs KooijmanMove the State chapter into the Hardware Description...
2009-10-12 Matthijs KooijmanEnable interaction (clickable links) in the table of...
2009-10-12 Matthijs KooijmanEnable interaction (clickable links).
2009-09-28 Matthijs KooijmanAdd outline for Prototype chapter.
2009-09-23 Matthijs KooijmanSet up MetaPost and MetaObj for drawing diagrams.
2009-09-16 Matthijs KooijmanActually use the Introduction chapter.
2009-08-26 Matthijs KooijmanRemove two old (empty) chapter definitions.
2009-08-25 Matthijs KooijmanActually enable the Hardware description chapter.
2009-08-25 Matthijs KooijmanMake Core2Core a chapter in the report.
2009-07-28 Matthijs KooijmanActually use Shortcuts.tex.
2009-07-27 Matthijs KooijmanAdd some initial structure for the final report.