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2014-05-01 Philip Chimentogit: Line endings of README.txt master
2014-03-25 Philip ChimentoReset Glk style hints at beginning of program
2014-03-25 Philip ChimentoClear GModule pointer to prevent accidental re-use
2014-02-23 Philip ChimentoRemove workaround for broken package in Fedora 19
2014-02-23 Philip Chimentogst_caps_to_string() is not always only MIME type
2014-02-23 Philip ChimentoMove helper function into #ifdef
2013-10-28 Philip ChimentoMerge branch 'gstreamer1.0'
2013-10-28 Philip ChimentoRefactor loading sound resource as GIO stream
2013-10-28 Philip ChimentoSync new GStreamer element to parent state
2013-10-28 Philip ChimentoSupport for GStreamer 1.0
2013-10-26 Philip ChimentoKeep track of input and output in multiple windows...
2013-10-26 Philip ChimentoChange I/O signals to pass a unique window ID
2013-10-26 Philip ChimentoUnit test the datetime functions
2013-10-26 Philip ChimentoPrint more informative assert message
2013-09-25 Philip ChimentoAdd Glk unit test framework
2013-09-25 Philip ChimentoUpdate so that 'make check' passes
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