2014-05-01 Philip Chimentogit: Line endings of README.txt master
2014-03-25 Philip ChimentoReset Glk style hints at beginning of program
2014-03-25 Philip ChimentoClear GModule pointer to prevent accidental re-use
2014-02-23 Philip ChimentoRemove workaround for broken package in Fedora 19
2014-02-23 Philip Chimentogst_caps_to_string() is not always only MIME type
2014-02-23 Philip ChimentoMove helper function into #ifdef
2013-10-28 Philip ChimentoMerge branch 'gstreamer1.0'
2013-10-28 Philip ChimentoRefactor loading sound resource as GIO stream
2013-10-28 Philip ChimentoSync new GStreamer element to parent state
2013-10-28 Philip ChimentoSupport for GStreamer 1.0
2013-10-26 Philip ChimentoKeep track of input and output in multiple windows...
2013-10-26 Philip ChimentoChange I/O signals to pass a unique window ID
2013-10-26 Philip ChimentoUnit test the datetime functions
2013-10-26 Philip ChimentoPrint more informative assert message
2013-09-25 Philip ChimentoAdd Glk unit test framework
2013-09-25 Philip ChimentoUpdate so that 'make check' passes
2013-09-23 Philip ChimentoDo not internationalize plugin-loader
2013-09-23 Philip ChimentoPlugin-loader handles .la files
2013-09-23 Philip ChimentoPort date/time functions to GDateTime
2013-09-23 Philip ChimentoRemove deprecated functions in test programs
2013-09-09 Philip ChimentoNo need to include empty default signal handlers
2013-09-09 Philip ChimentoRemove support for older GLib and GTK versions
2013-09-09 Philip ChimentoDon't use g_thread_init() anymore
2013-09-09 Philip ChimentoUse statically-allocated thread private data
2013-09-09 Philip ChimentoUse g_thread_try_new() instead of g_thread_create()
2013-09-09 Philip ChimentoUse g_cond_wait_until() instead of g_cond_timed_wait()
2013-09-09 Philip ChimentoUse init and clear for GMutex and GCond
2013-09-09 Philip ChimentoNo need to initialize private struct members to 0
2013-09-09 Philip ChimentoSupress warnings in Glulxe
2013-04-20 P. F. ChimentoUpdate Andrew Plotkin's unit tests
2013-04-20 P. F. ChimentoFix overenthusiastic g_free() of Glk startup data
2013-04-20 P. F. ChimentoWorkaround mysterious dlopen bug on Python import
2013-04-20 P. F. ChimentoInstall gobject introspection files in correct dir
2012-09-28 Philip Chimento[player] Call Gdk.threads_init() before import Gtk
2012-09-28 Philip Chimento[bocfel] Remove debug printf
2012-09-24 Marijn van... Merge branch 'gtk3'
2012-09-24 Marijn van... Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-09-24 Marijn van... Merge branch 'gtk3' of ssh://
2012-09-24 Marijn van... Began implementing OSX app-bundle support.
2012-09-23 Philip ChimentoAdd test program for CSS styling
2012-09-16 Philip ChimentoCopyright, change log, news file v0.9
2012-09-16 Philip ChimentoKeep glkunix startup arg[c,v] alive
2012-09-16 Philip ChimentoAdd Bocfel interpreter
2012-09-16 Philip ChimentoFix automatic resource file search
2012-09-16 Marijn van... Some style cleanup work in glk_window_clear()
2012-09-16 Marijn van... Merge branch 'gtk3' of ssh://
2012-09-16 Marijn van... Redone textgrid resize logic. Fixes #8
2012-09-16 Philip ChimentoGive focus to the text buffer after pager click
2012-09-16 Philip ChimentoFix pager bug #25!
2012-09-16 Philip ChimentoWhen paging, End key advances to end
2012-09-16 Philip ChimentoAdvance the pager to the end when clicked
2012-09-16 Philip ChimentoRemove code for styling the pager
2012-09-16 Philip ChimentoConvert the pager to a GtkOverlay
2012-09-16 Philip ChimentoUpdate interpreters to latest Garglk codebase
2012-09-16 Marijn van... Each time a sound is played, a new GioStreamSrc object...
2012-09-15 Marijn van... Merge branch 'gtk3' of ssh://
2012-09-15 Marijn van... updated comments
2012-09-15 Philip ChimentoConst return type for static error messages
2012-09-15 Marijn van... Make sound/graphics work in Nitfol.
2012-09-15 Philip ChimentoFix window resizing bug; no size requests!
2012-09-15 Philip ChimentoRemove compatibility checks with GTK 2.x
2012-09-15 Marijn van... Merge branch 'gtk3' of ssh://
2012-09-15 Marijn van... Merge branch 'master' into gtk3
2012-09-15 Marijn van... Redone flush_buffer logic, fixes #39
2012-09-15 Philip ChimentoRemove Iliad code from codebase
2012-09-15 Philip ChimentoFix
2012-09-15 Philip ChimentoRemove Babel library from codebase
2012-08-28 Marijn van... Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-08-28 Marijn van... Do not require database dependancies anymore, IFDB...
2012-08-26 Philip ChimentoMerge branch 'master' into gtk3
2012-08-26 Philip ChimentoAdd missing $(AM_CPPFLAGS) to makefile
2012-08-26 Philip ChimentoImprovements to Python player
2012-08-25 Philip ChimentoVarious PyGObject fixes
2012-08-25 Philip ChimentoUse keyfile GSettings backend in Python player
2012-08-25 Philip ChimentoSignal handler autoconnect now works in
2012-08-25 Philip ChimentoMerge branch 'master' into gtk3
2012-08-25 Philip ChimentoRegularize indentation in
2012-08-25 Philip ChimentoPEP8 cleanup in
2012-08-25 Philip ChimentoUse cairo for drawing
2012-08-25 P. F. ChimentoReplace deprecated functions
2012-08-25 P. F. ChimentoExit after an error building the player interface
2012-08-25 Philip ChimentoRemove nonexistent function
2012-08-25 Philip ChimentoReplace deprecated signals
2012-08-25 Philip ChimentoReplace size-request by minimal height-for-width
2012-08-25 Philip ChimentoRemove deprecated member access
2012-08-25 Philip ChimentoChange GDK_ key constants
2012-08-25 Philip ChimentoBuild with GTK 3
2012-06-03 P. F. ChimentoReplace deprecated functions
2012-05-05 P. F. ChimentoExit after an error building the player interface
2012-02-12 Philip ChimentoUpdate Andrew Plotkin's unit tests
2012-02-12 Philip ChimentoMerge branch 'glk-074'
2012-02-12 Philip ChimentoFixed a bug in creating fileref from fileref
2012-02-12 Philip ChimentoImplement new name mangling
2012-02-12 Philip ChimentoUpdate ExternalFile unit test
2012-02-12 Philip ChimentoImplement recommended file suffixes in dialog
2012-02-12 Philip ChimentoImplement resource streams
2012-02-11 Philip ChimentoMerge commit 'cbb35cca'
2012-02-11 Philip ChimentoAdd new resource stream unit test
2012-02-11 Philip ChimentoUpdate to Blorb protocol 1.5
2012-02-11 Philip ChimentoUpdate Dispatch layer