allow dynamically adding object classes to types
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2011-04-12 jlaineupdate copyright notice
2011-04-11 jlainerefactor LDAP access in tests
2011-04-11 jlainerefactor db access
2011-04-11 jlainepartially fix tests
2010-12-27 jlaineadd more filter tests
2010-12-27 jlainefix "exclude" operations
2010-12-25 jlainetest adding a group from admin interface
2010-06-02 jlainetest LDAP model scoping
2010-06-02 jlaineadjust license headers to reflect BSD license
2010-06-01 jlaineadd tests for qs.count()
2010-06-01 jlainerestore test_slice()
2010-06-01 jlaineremove references to root dn
2010-06-01 jlaineadd test cases for qs.values(*fields) and qs.values_lis...
2010-05-31 jlaineimprove display
2010-05-31 jlainefix slice handling
2010-05-31 jlaineadd more groups for tests
2010-05-31 jlainetouchup documentation
2010-05-31 jlaineimplement and test bulk deletion
2010-05-31 jlainefix and test deletion from admin interface
2010-05-31 jlainetest ordering
2010-05-31 jlaineimprove unit tests
2010-05-31 jlainetest admin interface search
2010-05-31 jlainemake tearDown more robust
2010-05-31 jlaineimprove unit tests
2010-05-31 jlaineimprove unit tests
2010-05-31 jlaineadd accents to tests
2010-05-31 jlaineimprove unit tests
2010-05-31 jlaineimprove admin interface tests
2010-05-31 jlaineadd basic tests for admin interface
2010-05-31 jlainetest photo attribute
2010-05-31 jlaineimprove test coverage
2010-05-31 jlaineadd some tests for different field types
2010-05-31 jlainecreate / drop LDAP in tests
2010-05-24 jlaineadd an example for search_fields in admin interface
2010-05-24 jlaineadd admin interface for examples
2010-05-24 jlaineadd some test cases for examples
2010-05-24 jlaineupdate copyright
2010-05-24 jlainefix
2010-05-24 jlaineadd some examples