2011-08-13 Matthijs Kooijmanallow dynamically adding object classes to types master
2011-05-09 jlaineuse new-style settings in example
2011-05-03 jlaineDo not create tables for LDAP models (thanks Gervase)
2011-04-13 jlainedo not hardcode database name in router
2011-04-12 jlaineupdate settings for django 1.2
2011-04-12 jlaineupdate copyright notice
2011-04-11 jlaineremove _collect_sub_objects() hack
2011-04-11 jlainemark base model as abstract
2011-04-11 jlainerework
2011-04-11 jlainemove transaction disable
2011-04-11 jlainepartially resync settings with django defaults
2011-04-11 jlaineget rid of custom meta class
2011-04-11 jlaineonly use legacy db parameters if available
2011-04-11 jlaineimprove ldap search_s wrapper
2011-04-11 jlainerefactor LDAP access in tests
2011-04-11 jlainerefactor db access
2011-04-11 jlainerework router
2011-04-11 jlaineprune unnecessary imports
2011-04-11 jlainedo not define queryset.delete(), the base implementatio...
2011-04-11 jlainestop using custom "Query" object
2011-04-11 jlaineimprove phony execute_sql()
2011-04-11 jlaineadd a minimal execute_sql() method to compiler
2011-04-11 jlainedisable transactions
2011-04-11 jlaineadd missing imports
2011-04-11 jlainebypass test database creation
2011-04-11 jlainepartially fix tests
2011-04-11 jlainefixup
2011-04-11 jlaineuse django's database router instead of hard-coding...
2011-04-11 jlaineuse django's database framework instead of hard-coding...
2011-04-11 jlaineregister LDAP router
2011-04-11 jlaineactually register database
2011-04-11 jlainemove LDAP compilation to the backend
2011-04-11 jlainefix collect_sub_objects
2011-04-11 jlainemove LDAP filter compiling
2011-04-11 jlainemake "commit" a no-op
2011-04-11 jlaineregister LDAP compiler
2011-04-11 jlainemake rollback a no-op
2011-04-11 jlaineadd missing code
2011-04-11 jlaineremove code from ldapdb.__init__
2011-04-11 jlainemove compiler definition
2011-04-11 jlainemove backend definition
2011-04-11 jlainestart splitting code to an actual backend
2011-04-11 jlaineadd basic DB router
2011-04-11 jlaineremove django 1.1 compatibility code
2011-04-11 jlainerename LdapConnection to DatabaseWrapper and accept...
2011-03-29 jlaineconvert get_db_prep_lookup() to new style (django 1.2+)
2011-03-29 jlainemake DatabaseFeatures take a "connection" argument...
2011-01-11 jlainemention the BSD license, not GPL
2010-12-27 jlaineadd more filter tests
2010-12-27 jlainefix "exclude" operations
2010-12-27 jlainebetter fix for unicity checks : implement query.has_res...
2010-12-27 jlaineupdate copyright years
2010-12-25 jlainetest adding a group from admin interface
2010-12-25 jlainebypass unicity checks, to un-break admin interface
2010-10-10 jlainemake it possible to change the search scope
2010-06-25 jlainemake sure escape_ldap_filter handles unicode correctly
2010-06-02 jlainetest LDAP model scoping
2010-06-02 jlaineuse inherited fields too
2010-06-02 jlaineadjust license headers to reflect BSD license
2010-06-02 jlainefix license
2010-06-01 jlaineswitch to BSD license
2010-06-01 jlaineinclude ldapdb.models
2010-06-01 jlaineadd
2010-06-01 jlaineadd tests for qs.count()
2010-06-01 jlainedon't forget to use offset/limit in get_count()
2010-06-01 jlainerestore test_slice()
2010-06-01 jlaineremove references to root dn
2010-06-01 jlaineuse self.query in compiler
2010-06-01 jlainerestrict selected fields
2010-06-01 jlaineadd test cases for qs.values(*fields) and qs.values_lis...
2010-05-31 jlaineimprove display
2010-05-31 jlainefix slice handling
2010-05-31 jlaineadd more groups for tests
2010-05-31 jlainecatch ldap.NO_SUCH_OBJECT for calls to ldap.search_s
2010-05-31 jlainetouchup documentation
2010-05-31 jlaineimplement and test bulk deletion
2010-05-31 jlainerework ldap filtering
2010-05-31 jlainefix and test deletion from admin interface
2010-05-31 jlainefix get_count()
2010-05-31 jlaineaccept "using" keyword for get_count
2010-05-31 jlainetest ordering
2010-05-31 jlaineimprove unit tests
2010-05-31 jlainefix ordering on int fields
2010-05-31 jlainefix ordering
2010-05-31 jlainetest admin interface search
2010-05-31 jlaineadd settings for testing purposes
2010-05-31 jlaineintroduce Compiler for django 1.2 compatibility
2010-05-31 jlainemake tearDown more robust
2010-05-31 jlaineimprove unit tests
2010-05-31 jlaineremove obsolete 'convert' function
2010-05-31 jlainemove field conversion
2010-05-31 jlainestart moving charset conversion to fields
2010-05-31 jlaineimprove unit tests
2010-05-31 jlaineadd accents to tests
2010-05-31 jlaineimprove unit tests
2010-05-31 jlaineimprove admin interface tests
2010-05-31 jlaineadd basic tests for admin interface
2010-05-31 jlaineadd some files for testing
2010-05-31 jlaineadd urls for testing
2010-05-31 jlainetest photo attribute