2010-04-27 Matthijs Kooijmantagging: Allow using titles in for related stories. master
2010-04-27 Matthijs Kooijmantagging: Fix one more HTML escaping issue.
2010-03-12 Matthijs Kooijmantagging: Make sure the related stories output is proper...
2010-03-12 Matthijs Kooijmantagging: Unify the clickable tag link generation.
2010-03-12 Matthijs Kooijmantagging: Allow tagging configuration to be overridden...
2007-12-30 Gavin CarrAdd georss support to atomfeed.
2007-12-27 Gavin CarrConvert remaining gavinc plugins to %config versions.
2007-12-19 Barijaona RamaholimihasoFixed extraneous <updated>...</updated> tags for feed...
2007-12-19 Barijaona RamaholimihasoFix how the date/time of the feed is determined from...
2007-12-18 Gavin CarrAdd initial activate-blosxom-include and globalise...
2007-12-18 Gavin CarrAdd special scripts directory handling to make-dist.
2007-12-18 Gavin CarrAdd initial georss support to rss20 plugin.
2007-12-18 Gavin CarrUpdates to README and MANIFEST files.
2007-12-18 Gavin CarrUpdates to blosxom-plugins-medium.spec.
2007-12-18 Gavin CarrAdd initial geo plugin.
2007-12-17 Gavin CarrReplace atomfeed $feed_url with $path_info_full, for...
2007-12-17 Gavin CarrConvert tagcloud and uf plugins to multi-line %config...
2007-12-17 Gavin CarrConvert entries_timestamp to %config version.
2007-12-17 Gavin CarrConvert rss20 to use $path_info_full instead of $ENV...
2007-12-04 Gavin CarrAdd new gavinc plugins to MANIFEST.medium.
2007-12-04 Gavin CarrUpdate rss20 test cases.
2007-12-04 Gavin CarrRevert rss20 to using $ENV{PATH_INFO} in self link.
2007-12-03 Gavin CarrAdd __END_CONFIG__ token to remaining gavinc plugins.
2007-12-03 Gavin CarrAdd __END_CONFIG__ token to gavinc microformat plugins.
2007-12-02 Gavin CarrAdd initial microformat plugins.
2007-11-07 Gavin CarrAdd flavour handling to tags.
2007-11-07 Gavin CarrAdd initial tags, storytags, and tagcloud plugins.
2007-11-01 Gavin CarrFix overgeneralised story hook in rss20.
2007-11-01 Gavin CarrAdd xml entity escape code to rss20.
2007-10-30 Gavin CarrUpdate entries_timestamp to use meaningful variable...
2007-10-29 Gavin CarrAdd atom:link support to rss20.
2007-10-29 Gavin CarrFix iso8601 format in storydate.
2007-10-29 Gavin CarrAdd entries_timestamp.
2007-10-16 Gavin CarrFix conflict problem in blosxom-plugins-medium.spec.
2007-10-16 Gavin CarrAdd entries_cache_meta and recententries to MANIFEST...
2007-10-15 Gavin CarrAdd entries_cache_meta to general.
2007-10-15 Gavin CarrDefault debug_level to 0.
2007-10-09 Gavin CarrAdd xtaran plugins to MANIFEST.medium.
2007-10-09 Gavin CarrAdd gavinc/plugin_list plugin.
2007-10-09 Axel BeckertAll my plugins in the released stable versions, so...
2007-10-09 Axel BeckertInital README file for the xtaran plugin collection
2007-10-09 Gavin CarrAdd Markdown, moreentries, and recententries to general.
2007-10-09 Gavin CarrChange VERSION to 2.0.0rc1.
2007-10-09 Gavin CarrMove make-dist to scripts directory.
2007-10-08 Gavin CarrUpdate blosxom url in atomfeed; minor doc tweaks.
2007-10-02 Gavin CarrAdd .perltidyrc.
2007-10-02 Gavin CarrAdd new gavinc plugins to MANIFEST.medium.
2007-10-02 Barijaona RamaholimihasoUse strict ; configurable variables can be set through...
2007-10-02 Barijaona RamaholimihasoThe authorization for the index files can now be config...
2007-10-02 Barijaona RamaholimihasoAdded a configurable variable enabling regeneration...
2007-10-02 Gavin CarrAdd $blog_encoding to rss20.
2007-09-28 Gavin CarrInitial versions of metaclear and metamail.
2007-09-28 Gavin CarrUpdate rss20 to use storydate.
2007-09-28 Gavin CarrUpdate mason_blocks to use Blosxom::Debug.
2007-09-28 Gavin CarrUpdate flavourpathinfo to use Blosxom::Debug.
2007-09-27 Gavin CarrAdd storydate.
2007-09-27 Barijaona RamaholimihasoEnables variable names with multiple :: separators
2007-09-27 Barijaona RamaholimihasoEnables module name and variable names with multiple...
2007-09-18 Gavin CarrAdd Makefile; update make-dist; add blosxom-plugins...
2007-09-18 Gavin CarrAdd initial MANIFEST files.
2007-09-18 Gavin CarrRename entriescache to entries_cache, since it's ambiva...
2007-09-16 Barijaona RamaholimihasoRemove date_translate (redundant with date_fullname)
2007-09-13 Gavin CarrAdd first-pass rss20 plugin.
2007-09-13 Barijaona RamaholimihasoInitial addition of exclude plugin
2007-09-13 Barijaona RamaholimihasoInitial addition of textile2 plugin
2007-09-13 Barijaona RamaholimihasoInitial addition of storytitle plugin
2007-09-13 Barijaona RamaholimihasoInitial addition of file plugin
2007-09-13 Barijaona RamaholimihasoAdded Steve Schwartz modif (configurable $show_all_of_s...
2007-09-13 Barijaona RamaholimihasoMore lenient parsing of the meta line
2007-09-13 Barijaona Ramaholimihasocorrects the $recurse_into_story feature in XML flavour...
2007-09-13 Barijaona RamaholimihasoBugfix on closing file and clarified documentation
2007-09-13 Barijaona RamaholimihasoOptions for breadcrumbs to : 1/appear or not on Home...
2007-09-13 Barijaona RamaholimihasoUpdated the blosxom homepage and mailing list URL
2007-09-13 Barijaona RamaholimihasoAdded some plugins authored by Barijaona Ramaholimihaso
2007-09-12 Gavin CarrFix nasty entry-ignoring bug in flavourpathinfo.
2007-09-12 Gavin CarrAdd dir/flavour support to flavourpathinfo, implying...
2007-09-11 Gavin CarrAdd flavourpathinfo plugin.
2007-09-10 Gavin CarrFix minor typos in google_highlight and kwiki plugins.
2007-09-10 Gavin CarrUpdate perldocs in general plugins to point to current...
2007-09-10 Gavin CarrAdd support for mason newline escaping to mason_blocks...
2007-09-09 Barijaona RamaholimihasoBugfix for checking excluded extensions (static)
2007-09-09 Barijaona RamaholimihasoBugfix for checking excluded extensions
2007-09-08 Barijaona Ramaholimihasoreplaced File::Cat which seemed to cause problem with...
2007-09-08 Gavin CarrAdd first public version of mason_blocks.
2007-09-05 Gavin CarrAdd Fletcher Penney plugins to general.
2007-09-05 Gavin CarrUpdate interpolate_fancy to v20061114 with fixes from...
2007-08-31 Gavin CarrAdd Frank Hecker plugins to general.
2007-08-29 Gavin CarrAdd various plugins from Mark Ivey.
2007-08-28 Gavin CarrAdd set of Todd Larason plugins to general.
2007-08-28 Gavin CarrMinor cleanup to make-dist.
2007-08-24 Barijaona RamaholimihasoInitial addition of Barijaona Ramaholimihaso's plugins
2007-08-24 Bill WardApplied patch from Gerfried Fuchs (Debian blosxom packa...
2007-08-22 Gavin CarrAdd VERSION file and make-dist script.
2007-08-22 Gavin CarrAdd README and README.cvs.
2007-08-22 Gavin CarrAdd a bunch of Rael plugins.