2008-10-13 Matthijs KooijmanPass -sPAPERSIZE=a4 to dvipdf to stop ghostscript from... master
2008-10-13 Matthijs KooijmanRe-enable figure that was accidentally commented out...
2008-10-07 Matthijs KooijmanFix misc style and spelling errors. Report-final
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2008-10-07 Matthijs KooijmanCapitalize Clang.
2008-09-24 Matthijs KooijmanCosmetic fixes.
2008-09-15 Matthijs KooijmanAdd a Results section in the Problems chapter.
2008-09-15 Matthijs KooijmanAdd examples of various problems mentioned.
2008-09-15 Matthijs KooijmanLet the Makefile generate pdf by default, dvi seems...
2008-09-15 Matthijs KooijmanAdd abstract.
2008-09-15 Matthijs KooijmanFix spelling error.
2008-09-15 Matthijs Kooijmans/Twente University/University of Twente/ on the frontpage.
2008-08-19 Matthijs KooijmanPut the logos on the frontpage next to each other,...
2008-08-19 Matthijs KooijmanAdd confidentiality statement.
2008-08-19 Matthijs KooijmanAdd a small conclusion to the "What is MontiumC?" section.
2008-08-19 Matthijs KooijmanAdd a title.
2008-08-19 Matthijs KooijmanClarify reasons for not including loop unrolling.
2008-08-07 Matthijs KooijmanRemove TODO.
2008-08-07 Matthijs KooijmanAdd Montium overview image.
2008-08-04 Matthijs KooijmanAdd two more conclusions.
2008-08-04 Matthijs KooijmanSmall fixes.
2008-08-04 Matthijs KooijmanMisc fixes and rewordings.
2008-07-31 Matthijs KooijmanUse \label instead of \ref to define labels.
2008-07-31 Matthijs KooijmanAdd conclusions and do some misc fixes.
2008-07-28 Matthijs KooijmanActuall add the future work chapter (with content now).
2008-07-28 Matthijs KooijmanAdd future work chapter.
2008-07-28 Matthijs KooijmanMisc improvements.
2008-07-28 Matthijs KooijmanAdd more on the new hardware.
2008-07-28 Matthijs KooijmanAdd something about tradeoffs and pipelining in the...
2008-07-25 Matthijs KooijmanAdd some stuff about pipelining (unfinished).
2008-07-25 Matthijs KooijmanFill assignment section.
2008-07-25 Matthijs KooijmanFill MontiumC context section.
2008-07-25 Matthijs KooijmanAdd image with the compilation workflow.
2008-07-25 Matthijs KooijmanAdd label to LLVM section.
2008-07-24 Matthijs KooijmanImprove Montium description.
2008-07-24 Matthijs KooijmanAdd something about the hardware/tooling/DSP separation...
2008-07-24 Matthijs KooijmanImprove introduction.
2008-07-24 Matthijs KooijmanUse University of Twente instead of Twente University.
2008-07-23 Matthijs Kooijman * Fill the section about cooperating.
2008-07-21 Matthijs KooijmanAdd section on staying generic.
2008-07-21 Matthijs KooijmanAdd reference.
2008-07-21 Matthijs KooijmanAdd Familiarizing with LLVM section.
2008-07-21 Matthijs KooijmanAdd a note about HWSWCD.
2008-07-21 Matthijs KooijmanMake file permissions more consistent.
2008-07-21 Matthijs KooijmanRemove dummy cite.
2008-07-18 Matthijs Kooijman * Add a few stub sections.
2008-07-17 Matthijs KooijmanAdd a short piece about software pipelining.
2008-07-17 Matthijs KooijmanLet Problems.tex include the moved files.
2008-07-17 Matthijs KooijmanRename Problem/ to Problems/
2008-07-16 Matthijs Kooijman * Add a stub for a section about MontiumC and the...
2008-07-16 Matthijs KooijmanAdd a (not really finished) piece about LLVM.
2008-07-16 Matthijs KooijmanAdd introduction, a piece about Recore and a piece...
2008-07-08 Matthijs KooijmanAdd a "What is MontiumC?" section.
2008-07-08 Matthijs KooijmanAdd a Recore logo.
2008-07-02 Matthijs KooijmanFinish presentation.
2008-07-02 Matthijs KooijmanAdd libmontiumc/gcc path to Workflow diagram.
2008-07-01 Matthijs KooijmanUpdate first few slides.
2008-07-01 Matthijs KooijmanLet make clean remove .vrb files.
2008-07-01 Matthijs KooijmanAdd Workflow image, which is an expanded version of...
2008-07-01 Matthijs KooijmanRegenerate the logo pdf using ps2pdf.
2008-07-01 Matthijs KooijmanSwitch to using pdflatex, dvipdf messes up images somet...
2008-07-01 Matthijs KooijmanUpdate recore theme with new path to images.
2008-07-01 Matthijs KooijmanMove recore theme related images into a seperate direct...
2008-07-01 Matthijs KooijmanCopy Progress.tex to InternalProgress.tex.
2008-07-01 Matthijs KooijmanRename Presentation.tex to Progress.tex.
2008-07-01 Matthijs KooijmanRename "Progress presentation" to "Presentations",...
2008-06-30 Matthijs KooijmanFill in a few more slides.
2008-06-30 Matthijs KooijmanShrink compiling image page size.
2008-06-30 Matthijs KooijmanAdd some shading to the compiling figure.
2008-06-30 Matthijs KooijmanAdd a sheet with an image of the compilation process.
2008-06-30 Matthijs KooijmanAdd a sheet with example high and low level code.
2008-06-30 Matthijs KooijmanAdd and improve a few slides.
2008-06-27 Matthijs KooijmanCreate most of the presentation.
2008-06-27 Matthijs KooijmanAlways run latex at least twice.
2008-06-27 Matthijs KooijmanUncomment some stuff in the presentation.
2008-06-27 Matthijs KooijmanMake the dvi file depend on the recore theme.
2008-06-27 Matthijs KooijmanRemove old recore logo.
2008-06-27 Matthijs KooijmanUpdate recore theme to match house style.
2008-06-26 Matthijs KooijmanAdd skeleton for progress presentation. Style and conte...
2008-06-26 Matthijs KooijmanMove all report related stuff into a seperate directory.
2008-06-26 Matthijs KooijmanDelete .lof files on make clean.
2008-06-26 Matthijs KooijmanAdd more skeleton structure to the report.
2008-06-25 Matthijs KooijmanRename Algemeen to Front.
2008-06-23 Matthijs KooijmanAdd initial version of my internship report.