Use new TH.TypeLib for vectorTH
[matthijs/master-project/support/tfvec.git] / tfvec.cabal
2009-07-31 Christiaan BaaijUse new TH.TypeLib for vectorTH
2009-07-22 Christiaan BaaijAdd ghc stage info
2009-07-14 Christiaan BaaijRequire new tfp
2009-07-09 Christiaan BaaijUpdated depency on new tfp library
2009-07-03 Christiaan BaaijUp'd version number due to change in vectorTH
2009-07-01 Christiaan BaaijRemoved 'group' function, updated rotl and rotr to...
2009-06-19 Christiaan BaaijInitial commit