Add two transforms for argument simplification.
[matthijs/master-project/report.git] / Core2Core.tex
2009-06-30 Matthijs KooijmanAdd two transforms for argument simplification.
2009-06-29 Matthijs KooijmanAdd and improve some transformations.
2009-06-10 Matthijs KooijmanFormat the example sequence as lambda calculus.
2009-06-10 Matthijs KooijmanAdd a sequence of examples for the new transformations.
2009-06-10 Matthijs KooijmanAdd a \trans command that uses the lam pretty printing.
2009-06-10 Matthijs KooijmanAdd support for pretty printing lambda calculus.
2009-06-10 Matthijs KooijmanUse a custom selection of fonts.
2009-06-03 Matthijs KooijmanFix some typos.
2009-05-25 Matthijs KooijmanFix typo.
2009-05-20 Matthijs KooijmanAdd initial version of the Core2Core document.