mark base model as abstract
[matthijs/upstream/django-ldapdb.git] / ldapdb / models /
2011-04-11 jlainemark base model as abstract
2011-04-11 jlaineget rid of custom meta class
2011-04-11 jlaineadd missing imports
2011-04-11 jlaineuse django's database router instead of hard-coding...
2011-04-11 jlainefix collect_sub_objects
2010-12-27 jlainebetter fix for unicity checks : implement query.has_res...
2010-12-25 jlainebypass unicity checks, to un-break admin interface
2010-10-10 jlainemake it possible to change the search scope
2010-06-02 jlaineuse inherited fields too
2010-06-02 jlaineadjust license headers to reflect BSD license
2010-05-31 jlainefix and test deletion from admin interface
2010-05-31 jlainestart moving charset conversion to fields
2010-05-24 jlaineupdate copyright date
2010-05-19 jlaineremove duplicated encoding declaration
2009-09-02 jlaineprune old stuff
2009-09-02 jlainefixup
2009-09-02 jlainedon't patch get_query_set for abstract classes
2009-09-02 jlainechange declaration of base_dn and object_classes
2009-08-14 jlaineemit signals on save / delete
2009-08-14 jlainerework passing of dn
2009-06-29 jlainehandle renaming of LDAP entries
2009-06-29 jlainecleanup
2009-06-29 jlainerename modules
2009-06-29 jlainemove files