Introduces a $utc_offset variable which stores the offset between local time and...
[matthijs/upstream/blosxom.git] / blosxom.cgi
2007-09-17 Barijaona Ramaholi... Introduces a $utc_offset variable which stores the...
2007-09-11 Gavin CarrAdd missing </p> to default error head flavour.
2007-09-11 Gavin CarrAdd support for $plugin_list plugin config file.
2007-09-09 Gavin CarrAdd external config support via BLOSXOM_CONFIG_DIR...
2007-08-29 Gavin CarrChange plugin loading to use @INC instead of fixed...
2007-08-25 Barijaona Ramaholi... Replaced references to with blosxom.sourcef...
2006-07-17 Kevin Scaldeferribump version number v2_0_2
2006-07-16 Kevin Scaldeferrifix this comment again
2006-07-10 Kevin Scaldeferrirevert change 1.13 entirely due to incorrect behavior
2006-07-10 Kevin Scaldeferrisyntax error fix
2006-07-10 Kevin Scaldeferrifix bug 1445435.
2006-07-10 Kevin Scaldeferriallow for empty (but defined) templates
2006-07-10 Kevin Scaldeferrifix problem with and SSIs where url() doesn...
2006-07-10 Kevin Scaldeferriallow newlines in DATA
2005-12-18 Barijaona Ramaholi... Fixed bug 1368882
2005-12-18 Barijaona Ramaholi... Bug 1356997 <
2005-11-27 Kevin Scaldeferribumped version number, updated URLs v2_0_1
2005-11-26 Kevin Scaldeferrifixed bug 1356937
2005-11-25 Kevin ScaldeferriFixed bug 1344334.
2005-11-25 Kevin Scaldeferricorrect fix of bug 1345548.
2005-11-25 Kevin ScaldeferriFixed bug 135700
2005-11-25 Kevin Scaldeferrifixing bug 1345548.
2005-09-23 Kevin ScaldeferriInitial revision